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DraftStreet provides an opportunity to compete in a variety of fantasy games against other users for real money. Leagues on DraftStreet have Daily or Weekly scoring periods, so you can make a team and win your league in the same day! Over a full season, one injury or one unlucky break can cost you the entire year. On DraftStreet you can assemble multiple fantasy teams in multiple leagues every night. With different league sizes, durations, draft-styles, and entry fees you are sure to find the perfect league for you.


To compete in any league on DraftStreet you must first register. Just click "SIGN UP NOW!" on the right side of the homepage and you'll be on your way. Once you've created an account you can choose a league that fits your desires in the draft lobby. Use the "My Profile" page located under "My DraftStreet" to keep your information up to date.

Join a League

Leagues are offered in the DRAFT LOBBY on the homepage. There are filters at the top of the lobby to help you find a league of your choice. When you find the league you want to join simply click on that league in the lobby and you will be prompted to join. Click the JOIN LEAGUE button and you are in!

To unregister for a league you can click the LEAVE button under the league ID in your ACTIVE LEAGUES section on the right side of the homepage. Users are not allowed to leave a league that is already full. However, the last person to join the league will have 5 minutes to unregister if there is more than 20 minutes remaining until registration closes.

If a league is not full at the time registration closes for that league then the league is canceled and all users will be receive a full refund. However, if the league is "Guaranteed" (in which case there will be a "G" icon next to the prize pool in the lobby), then it will not be canceled and the prize pool will be paid out in full.

There is a maximum of 20 leagues per user within the same sport, scoring period and entry-fee for all leagues that have an entry fee of under $55. This maximum does not include snake drafts or GPP leagues.

Draft Styles

Salary Cap Leagues

You can immediately select your roster upon joining a Salary Cap League. The combined fantasy salaries (as set by our DraftStreet team) of the players you select must not exceed the salary cap of $100,000. You can mix and match and save your selections up until the scoring period begins. At the start of the scoring period, all rosters are locked and the Live Scoreboard becomes available. If your roster is illegal at this time you will be disqualified and you will not receive a refund.

Illegal rosters either A) Exceed the set salary cap or B) Have one or more empty roster spots.

No roster for any league can consist solely of players from one professional team.

Pick 'em Leagues

Like Salary cap leagues, you can start building your team immediately after joining a Pick 'em league. In the draft room you will be presented with 8 tiers of players. Each tier will consist of anywhere from 2 to 10 players which DraftStreet deems to have similar fantasy value for the upcoming scoring period. You must choose exactly one player from each tier to make your team of 8 players. You can adjust your roster up until the first game of the scoring period at which time all rosters are locked and scoreboards will be available to view your opponents' picks.

Snake-Draft Leagues

Snake Drafts are traditional live drafts which begin 5 minutes after they become full.

After joining a snake-draft league, you can see the league details appear on the right side of the homepage in your Active Leagues section. Click on the Draft Room link to enter the Draft Room.

Once the league is filled, draft order will appear on the top carousel and you will see a countdown to draft time at the top of the Draft Room.

When the draft starts, you will have a maximum of 45 seconds to make each pick. If you fail to make a selection within the 45 second timeframe Auto-Pick will be put into effect for the current pick. If you allow the time to run out on two consecutive picks the Auto-Pick will be enabled for all future picks until you click the TURN OFF AUTOPICK button. You can turn on Auto-Pick by clicking the checkbox in the upper right corner. Auto-Pick is set to take a player based upon your personal rankings (in the My Queue section) or, if you have not set any rankings, DraftStreet's rankings will be applied. Positions of need will be considered.

To use the Queue section to pre-rank players, simply select a player from the player pool then click the Queue button to add them to your list of queued players. You can drag and drop to re- order your queued players. When set on auto-pick, queued players will be automatically selected in order.

For Snake-Draft leagues, all rosters will have two Reserve (RS) spots. You can use the Set-Lineup page by clicking the Set-Lineup or Scoreboard link in the Active Leagues section of the homepage. You can swap a player in or out of their starting lineup until that player's team has started a game. At that time the player's status (active or reserved) is locked for the duration of the scoring period.

Note: DraftStreet reserves the right to cancel any snake-draft league that is interrupted or delayed due to technical issues. All users involved will be fully refunded should a league get canceled.

Survivor Tournaments

Survivor Tournaments will last for 3 days. For Days 1 and 2, the top half** of the field* will advance to the next day. Final standings and payouts are determined on by Day 3 results. Points do not carryover from one day to the next (each day is independent of other days). Users who qualify to advance to the next round will be automatically entered into the league for the next day shortly after all games are final at which point Draft Rooms will be accessible.
*The "Field" is predetermined once the league is offered. If a Survivor league does not fill to the listed capacity, the unfilled entries will be marked as 0 but still counted as entrants in determining advancement.
**Note: A maximum of half the “field” can advance. In the case of a tie for the last place within the top half, advancing entries will be determined by the following logic:
1. If there is room for every USER within the tie to have one entry advance (advancing entries will not exceed half the original field) then each user will have at least one entry from within the tie advance. If there is not room, then no entries within the tie will advance.
2. After #1 is considered, if there is still room for a 2nd entry from all users who had 2+ entries within the tie to advance then those entries will advance. If not, none of these "2nd" entries advance.
Therefore, it is possible to have less than 50% of the field advance. Examples

Rosters and Scoring Formats

League scoring will be updated in real-time on our League Scoreboards. All scoring will be based on official stats for the game. Any official stat changes that occur after payout of league winnings will not be taken into account.


Daily: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 1 U, 2 SP, 1 P (12 starters)
Weekly: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 3 OF, 2 U, 3 SP, 1 RP, 2 P (16 starters)
Snake-draft leagues include 2 Reserve (RS) spots
Users are allowed a maximum of 4 hitters from any one MLB team

Hitting Pitching
1B 1 pt BBI -.25 pts
2B 2 pts HA -.25 pts
3B 3 pts HB -.25 pts
BB .75 pts ER -1 pt
HR 4 pts IP 1 pt
HP .75 pts K 1 pt
R 1.5 pts L -1 pt
RBI 1.5 pts S 3 pts
SB 2 pts W 2 pts
KO -.75 pt CG 2 pts
CS -1 pt BS -1 pt

Note: Pitchers will not receive any hitting stats, nor will hitters receive pitching stats. 
See definitions at the bottom of the page for clarification on abbreviations.

Click here for Weekly scoring rules

* In Weekly Baseball Leagues, Player scoring will reflect the TOTAL points scored throughout the 7 day period, and will NOT be based on their average points per game.

Games required for certain leagues to be offered:
Daily Salcaps -> 4+ MLB games
2man Snakes -> 3+ MLB games
3man Snakes -> 5+ MLB games
6man Snakes -> 11+ MLB games
Weekly Salcaps and Snakes -> 80+ MLB games


Rosters: QB, QB, RB, RB, FLEX, FLEX, WR, WR, TE, DST

Points Scoring
Offense DST
PaTD 4 pts DTD 6 pts
PaYd .04 pts RTD 6 pts
RuTD 6 pts DINT 1 pt
RuYd .1 pts FR 1 pt
RecTD 6 pts Sack .5 pts
RecYd .1 pts SFTY 2 pts
Rec .5 pts DPA -.5 pts
2pt 2 pts
INT -1 pt
FL -1 pt
RTD 6 pts

Note: DST start with 12 pts for DPA


Salary Cap Rosters: 3 F, 3 G, 1 C, 1 U
Snake-Draft Rosters: 3 F, 3 G, 1 C, 1 U, 2 RS (maximum of three Centers per roster)

Points Scoring
PTS 1 pt
REB 1.25 pts
AST 1.5 pts
TO -1 pt
MFT -0.5 pts
MFG -0.5 pts
STL 2 pts
BLK 2 pts

* In Weekly Basketball Leagues, Player scoring will reflect the TOTAL points scored throughout the 7 day period, and will NOT be based on their average points per game.
Games required for certain leagues to be offered:
Snake Drafts » Maximum of 3 Centers available per team
Daily Salary Cap » minimum of 2 NBA games
Weekly leagues » 45 NBA games minimum  


Rosters: 2 LW, 2 RW, 2 C, 2 D, 1 G, 1 FLEX
Snake-draft leagues include 2 Reserve (RS) spots
Users are allowed a maximum of 4 skaters from any one NHL team

Points Scoring
Shot 0.3 pt
Goal 3 pts
Ast 2 pts
+/- 0.5 pt
PIM 0.25 pt
PPG 0.5 pt
PPA 0.5 pt
SHG 1 pt
SHA 1 pt
BS 0.3 pt
W 3 pts
GA -1.5 pt
Save 0.3 pts
SO 2 pts


Rosters: 6 Golfers

Points Scoring
ALBA 4.5 pts
EAG 2 pts
BRD 1 pt
PAR 0.2 pts
BGY -0.6 pts
2BGY+ -1.6 pts
1st 8 pts
2nd 5 pts
3rd 4 pts
4th-10th 3 pts
11th-25th 2 pts
26th-50th 1 pt
Round Bonuses
BFR 1 pt
LROD 2 pts

Note :
1. Ties will not effect "PLACE" bonus. For example, if three players tie for 2nd they will all receive the 5 point bonus for 2nd place.
2. Playoff holes will not count towards scoring but can impact the place a golfer finishes.
3. Golfers who withdraw or are disqualified in the middle of a round will receive 0 fantasy points for that round.
4. If multiple golfers tie for low round of the day, full bonus points will be awarded to all of them.


Rosters: QB, QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, RB, TE, FLEX, FLEX

Points Scoring
PaTD 6 pts
PaYd .04 pts
RuTD 6 pts
RuYd .1 pts
RecTD 6 pts
RecYd .1 pts
Rec 1 pt
2pt 2 pts
INT -1 pt
FL -1 pt


Salary Cap Rosters: 3 F, 3 G, 2 U

Points Scoring
PTS 1 pt
REB 1.25 pts
AST 1.5 pts

Games required for certain leagues to be offered:
Daily Salary Cap » minimum of 3 CBB games

Live Scoreboards

Once a league's scoring period has begun, a link to that league's Scoreboard can be found under the Active Leagues section on the homepage. This allows you to follow the action while in progress.

League Durations and Scoring Periods

Scoring Periods – You can see when the first game of the scoring period starts for each league under the "1st Game" column in the lobby.

Daily leagues will consist of games scheduled on one date. There are daily leagues that might begin after some professional games for that sport have already started on that date, but the scoring period for these leagues will consist of ONLY and ALL games SCHEDULED to start at or after the specified "1st Game" time for that league. The player pool will only consist of players playing within that scoring period and no players will have more than one game count in these scoring periods. 

*Doubleheader Rules - If teams are scheduled to play two games within one scoring period (completion of suspended games not included)

  • Hitters' and Relief Pitchers' stats will only be counted from the FIRST game on that date starting at or after the specified scoring period.
  • Starting Pitchers' stats will be used from both games

Note: These rules only apply if BOTH games fall within the scoring period. Teams can play 2 games in one day, but sometimes only the later game falls within the scoring period.

Example: if a scoring period starts at 7:05pm and teams have scheduled games for 3:30pm and 7:30pm that day, only the 7:30pm game will count for those leagues with a Start Time of 7:05pm ET.

Weekly scoring periods will start with the first scheduled game every day and last exactly seven days (including the first day or the scoring period). Upcoming Matchup information is provided in DraftStreet's Player Profiles.

*No NFL team will play more than one game within a scoring period. All scoring periods are for one week. Leagues will be offered after some NFL games for that week have already begun. Player pools for these leagues will include only players whose games have not yet started.

*NBA, MLB and NHL Playoffs
Scoring periods will last exactly two days ("2-Day"). All other rules for daily leagues apply. If teams have more than one game within the 2day scoring period only the first game will count.
Note: if there is originally only 2 games within the scoring period, in the case of a postponed game the scoring period will be extended to include the next game played by the teams involved in the postponed game.

For the Finals, scoring periods will last exactly two GAMES (so 2, 3 or 4 days depending on schedule). Rosters will be slightly smaller and salaries will be inflated which can be seen in Draft Rooms.

Guaranteed Prize Pool Leagues

Guaranteed Prize Pool leagues have a set prize pool and a cap for amount of entries. The prize pool will not change for a GPP league and leagues do not have to fill to capacity. Users can enter up to three unique teams in these leagues. Payout structures may vary.

Big Score Leagues

Big Score leagues are massive GPP (Guaranteed Prize Pool) leagues. Multiple Satellite leagues will be offered daily leading up to the Big Score. Top finishers in the satellite leagues will earn vouchers for free entry into the Big Score. Users will also be able to buy-in directly to the Big Score once it available in the Draft Lobby (usually the day before the scoring period). The combination of entries earned via satellites along with direct buy-ins will allow for some very large payouts. Users will be allowed a maximum of 10 entries into any Big Score. Any extra Big Score Vouchers earned will be exchanged for standard vouchers of the same value.

Private Leagues

Create an exclusive, password-protected league. Start by clicking the CREATE button on the top right corner of the DRAFT LOBBY. Once you have created and confirmed a password for your league and selected from each of the dropdown options for your league, go ahead and click the CREATE PRIVATE LEAGUE button. Next, enter DraftStreet users' email addresses or usernames to send them an email inviting them to your league. You can also just tell your friends the password to your league. You can always invite more friends later by clicking the INVITE button under the league ID in your PRIVATE LEAGUES section on the right side of the homepage.

Note: Creators of private leagues will automatically join any league they create. As with any public league, if the league does not fill in time for the draft it will be canceled and all money will be refunded.

To join a private league click on the PRIVATE LEAGUES filter at the top of the DRAFT LOBBY. Click on the private league you wish to join and enter the league password when prompted. If you are registered for a private snake-draft league, you can always hold your cursor over the word SNAKE in the far right column of your PRIVATE LEAGUES section on the homepage to see what time that draft will begin.

Player Pool and Salaries

Once the player pool, player salaries and player positions are set for a specific scoring period it will not change. If players change teams after a league is offered then it is the user's responsibility to adjust accordingly. No players will be added or removed from the existing player pools, and no salaries or positions will change.

*Note: For some sports, you might see the following indicators next to players' names in Draft Rooms:

S – Projected to Start
Not confirmed starter – Not Projected to Start
Injured – Potentially Injured

These indicators are derived from various resources, and will usually be accurate. However, players' statuses can change at any time and therefore DraftStreet does not take any responsibility for user decisions made based on the projected starter information provided.

Player salaries are recalculated for each scoring period based on recent performance, current year performance and previous year performance. Some aspects of each player's matchup are factored into their price as well. For weekly leagues matchups are not considered. However, the player's number of scheduled games for the scoring period is factored in.

*Note: Players will register fantasy points on a given night regardless of what team they play for. So, if a player is available, you can assume his stats will count for whatever team he plays for within that scoring period.


Prizes will be paid out within an hour of the completion of the scoring period.  Funds will be added to users' accounts and will be available for withdrawal or entry into cash leagues immediately. 

Payout Grid

Players 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
2-4 100%
5-9 65% 35%
10-16 55% 30% 15%
20 45% 28% 17% 10%
Double-Up leagues will split the prize pool evenly among the top 50% of participants

Suspended, Postponed, or Cancelled Games

For MLB contests, no stats will count from any postponed or canceled game and all players involved will contribute zero fantasy stats. Stats accumulated during the scoring period from any suspended games which started within the scoring period WILL count, however, any stats recorded after the scoring period (when the suspended game is being finished on a later date) will not count.

For NFL contests, points are recorded for any postponed games that are played no later than Wednesday of the following week.

For NBA and NHL contests, points are recorded for any postponed games that are played no later than the next day after the scoring period started


There are no tie-breakers for any leagues on DraftStreet. Users will split the prize assigned to the specific place(s) evenly in the case of a tie.

1. If there is a two-way tie for first place in a 6-player league --> those two users will split the 1st and 2nd place prize.
2. If there is a two-way tie for first in a 3-player league --> those two users will split the prize for 1st place (since there is no 2nd place prize in a 3-player league).

Street Credits

Upon entering leagues, users will receive a certain number of "Street Credits" based on the level of game played. Street creds can also be earned by winning free leagues. There is a limit to 3 free leagues per day and 10 free leagues per week for each user. Street Credits will be accumulated and tracked in My DraftStreet page and may be redeemed for DraftStreet merchandise and/or vouchers to enter cash leagues.

Depositing Funds


Users can deposit funds into their account by credit card or paypal. If your card issuing bank does not allow deposits into gaming sites, setting up a paypal account is quick, easy, and free. Entering credit card information is easy, just follow the instructions in the deposit page.  


Withdrawing Funds

Users are limited to two (2) PayPal withdrawal requests over any 7 day period.  Any attempts after the second will be automatically blocked, or can be submitted and delayed until eligible date at the user's request.
*As of November 14th, 2011 we have upgraded our account with PayPal and there will no long be fees taken out of PayPal withdrawal payments.
**There is no limit on withdrawals requested via check.

DraftStreet is not responsible for lost or stolen withdrawal checks. Any checks that are returned for incorrect address will be re-sent free of charge. Users may request replacement checks for lost or stolen withdrawal checks by paying a stop payment fee of $27.00. Checks that have been cleared or deposited will not be eligible for replacement.


For our Recruiting Rules, go here.



C - Catcher
1B - First Baseman
2B - Second Baseman
3B - Third Baseman
SS - Shortstop
U - Utility Player (Any hitter)
OF - Outfielder (Right, Center or Left Field)
SP - Starting Pitcher
RP - Relief Pitcher
P - Any Pitcher
RS - Reserve

1B - Single
2B - Double
3B - Triple
BB - Base on Balls (Walk)
HR - Homerun
HP - Hit by Pitch
R - Run scored
RBI - Runs Batted In
SB - Stolen Base
KO - Strikeout (hitter)
GDP - Grounded into Double-Play
CS - Caught Stealing
SAC - Sacrifice Fly or Sacrifice Hits

BBI - Walks Issued
HA - Hits Against
HB - Hit Batsman
ER - Earned Runs allowed
INN - Inning Pitched
K - Strikeout (pitcher)
L - Loss
S - Save
W - Win
CG - Complete Game

BA - Batting Average
ERA - Earned Run Average (per nine innings)
WHIP - Walks and Hits per Inning Pitched


QB – Quarterback
RB – Runningback
WR – Wide Receiver
TE – Tight End
DST – Defense and Special Teams

PaTD – Passing Touchdown
PaYd – Passing Yard
INT – Interception
RuTD – Rushing Touchdown
RuYd – Rushing Yard
ReTD – Receiving Touchdown
RTD - Return Touchdown (Punt, Kickoff, or Fumble Recovery)
ReYd – Receiving Yard
Rec – Reception
FL – Fumble Lost (on offensive plays only)
2pt – Two-point conversion (passing, receiving or rushing)
DInt - Defensive Interception
DTD – Defensive Touchdown
FR – Fumbles Recovered
Sack – Sack
SFTY – Safety
DPA - Defensive/Special Team Points Allowed


F - Forward (SF or PF)
G - Guard (PG or SG)
C - Center
U - Utility (Any position)

PTS - Points
REB - Rebounds
AST - Assists
TO - Turnovers
MFT - Free Throws Missed
MFG - Field Goals Missed
STL - Steals
BLK - Blocks


W - Left Wing
RW - Right Wing
C - Center
D - Defenseman
G - Goalie
U - Utility (Any position besides Goalie)

Goal - Goal
Ast - Assist
PPG - Power Play Goal
PPA - Power Play Assist
SHG - Short-handed Goal
SHA - Short-handed Assist
+/- - Plus/Minus
PM - Penalty Minutes
Shot - Shot on Goal
BS - Blocked Shot

Goalie-only Scoring:
GA - Goals Against
W - Win
SO - Shutout
Save - Save


ALBA - Albatross
EAG - Eagle
BRD - Birdie
PAR - Par
BGY - Bogey
2BGY+ - Double Bogey and over
BFR - Bogey-Free Round
LROD - Low Round Of Day

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