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Over teams drafted this month!
    Just in case earning cash wasn’t enough of an incentive to participate in our industry leading recruiting program, we’re raising the stakes!
    Our top FIVE recruiters will earn an all expenses paid trip to Las Vegas to attend the 2013 DraftStreet Fantasy Football Championship Main Event*
    Anyone that recruits a new player who qualifies for the 2013 DFFC will also earn an all expenses paid trip to Vegas to cheer on that recruit at the Main Event!**
    Monthly Recruiters Free Roll - each month the top 25 recruiters will be entered into an exclusive $500 NFL free roll.***
    Monthly Recruiting spotlight - Each month we'll choose a minimum of one recruiter to spotlight. That person will receive a $22 DFFC Qualifier eligible voucher and a blog post about their efforts.
    What are you waiting for? There’s millions of people looking for a fantasy football league to join. We’ll even help get you started.  Just email for all your recruiting needs.

    *Top 5 determined based on total fees from new players recruited during the promotional period.  Must achieve 5 or more new cash players to qualify

    **Qualifying player must be recruited after the start of the promotion to qualify

    ***Top 25 determined by the number of unique/non fraudulent new users recruited during the month.

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