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    Choosing Fantasy Hockey Team Names

    Fantasy hockey team names are a critical part in giving fantasy hockey teams an identity. Fantasy hockey names can do a variety of functions – make people laugh, trash talk your fellow NHL fantasy hockey players, make fun of players or teams you don’t like, or lionize players or teams. One of the most popular things that fantasy hockey players like to do is come up with funny fantasy hockey team names.

    Here are some of the examples of fantasy hockey team names out there. A fantasy hockey player who has Philadelphia Flyers player Jaromir Jagr on his team, and who likes the popular Maroon 5 song “Moves Live Jagger,” combines the two with the team name “Moves Like Jagr.” Or, the person could have chosen “Jagr Bombs,” if they liked a certain drink. Another team name, the “Dekes of Hazzard,” is a tribute not just to the TV show, but to the hockey term “deke,” where players fake out other players. Which of the fantasy hockey names would you choose if you had a player named Jordin Tootoo? What else – “The Girl With the Dragon Tootoo”!

    How about if you had a player on your team named T.J. Oshie? How about “Own Oshie Didn’t,” or “Oshie 11”? Yes, puns are extremely popular when it comes to coming up with team names. Like when Theo Fleury was in professional hockey, and one fan had “Snow Fleury” as one of the fantasy hockey names out there. There’s also “Vanek Depressive,” for Thomas Vanek. Funny fantasy hockey team names – names that not only make you laugh, but make your opponents laugh – may take some time to come up with, as it’s not always easy to be funny, but when you find the right name, you will know it right away.

    Some fantasy hockey team names combine more than one player’s name. Like whoever had Sidney Crosby, Eric Staal, and Rick Nash all on the same team – he chose “Crosby, Staals, and Nash” for the team name. Other fantasy hockey players who had Staal came up with funny fantasy hockey team names such as “Quick Visit to the Staal” and “Staal in the Family.”

    There are some more obscure fantasy hockey team names than other. For example, probably the only people who still remember the nineties TV show “Suddenly Susan” are Brooke Shields, the show’s star, and the wag who came up with this pun – “Suddenly Zyuzin,” for Andrei Zyuzin. Adrian Aucoin inspired “Three Aucoins in the Fountain” or “Two Sides of the Same Aucoin.”

    You might want to pick fantasy hockey team names based on players or teams you dislike. One team is succinctly called ‘I Hate Sidney Crosby.” Another is called “The Fishsticks,” after an epithet for the New York Islanders.

    Some fantasy hockey team names are based on the person playing’s name, such as “Edward’s Enforcers.” Not very creative, though.

    So, get a notepad and a pen, scratch down some names, and get going on finding a fantasy hockey team name that could be right for you. If you get sick of the name you chose, just pick another one.

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