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    All About Fantasy NHL

    What could possibly be better than being in the fantasy hockey championship? Being in the fantasy hockey championship every night! What's even better than that is having the chance to win cash and prizes while playing fantasy hockey. That's what cash fantasy hockey players get to experience every night after signing up for DraftStreet.

    Whether you are a novice at fantasy hockey, or you want to take your game to the next level by playing fantasy hockey for money, you will find a home at DraftStreet. Here, you don't have to play in a fantasy hockey money league for an entire season in order for someone to show you the money. Instead, you can join our daily fantasy hockey money leagues where you draft a team during the day and have the chance to win cash and prizes that very same night. How much fun is that?

    If you don't want to play fantasy hockey money games, but just want to play for free against your friends, DraftStreet has have free fantasy hockey leagues for you to do that as well. We also have a chat room feature, where you can talk to – or trash talk to -- your friends and rivals about fantasy hockey.

    When it comes to joining fantasy pay leagues, DraftStreet has a slew of options where you can test your fantasy hockey money mettle. With salary cap leagues, you can find a couple of bargains and load up on top players, building yourself a little cash fantasy hockey dynasty. Or you can build a team with a bunch of mid-level players with tremendous upside, and win cash and prizes with a gutty, gritty team.

    You will see fantasy hockey for money played at a very competitive level at DraftStreet, where you can see how you rank against others on the leaderboard. Imagine how cool it would be to see your name as being one of the top fantasy hockey money league players. Or to see yourself winning some cash and prizes in a fantasy hockey money league!

    With entry-fees ranging from $2 to over $400, and league sizes ranging from 2-players to more than 100 players, you are sure to find and join the fantasy hockey money league that is right for you at DraftStreet. Use the filters to find your league of choice and get started today. There is a hockey fantasy league waiting for you right now!

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