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    It's fantasy golf time, and fantasy league golf is a lot more competitive than it used to be. Just a few years ago it seemed like playing fantasy golf was a futile effort, unless you were to draft Tiger Woods, who seemed to be winning everything back then. These days, fantasy league golf is so much more competitive, since Tiger Woods isn't the Tiger of old.

    Why not join a fantasy league and get started on the fun? We offer fantasy league golf here at DraftStreet, where you can sign up for free games and pay games. You can potentially win cash and prizes by playing fantasy golf games here.

    So what is fantasy golf, and how does it work? Basically, it's a fantasy league that is known as a salary cap league – you get a specific budget for your team, and draft players within your budget. In this case, you would pick male golf players who are part of the Professional Golfers Association tour. You can decide which players to pick based on fantasy golf rankings, by gut or instinct, or a little bit of both. There are a variety of lists that feature fantasy golf rankings, based on a variety of statistics, would include things like scores per round – the fewer the points, the better the ranking. The better your team does in your league, the more likely you are to win.

    If you are used to playing in fantasy golf leagues that last the whole golf season, you will most likely need a different at DraftStreet. With a season-long league, what you might want to have with fantasy golf is a mix of solid players who play all the time, with the great players who play a little less often.

    However, when it comes to DraftStreet, since you draft your team for each week of golf, you don't really have to worry about balance like that – you just try to pick the best players, as per the fantasy golf rankings, who can fit within your budget.

    One of the cool things about joining DraftStreet fantasy golf leagues is that you can pick a different team each week, whether it be in free leagues, where you can play for fun and to get points in the system, or by paying an entry fee, where you could potentially win cash and prizes. So if you have a bad week, no worries; you can simply join another league, draft another team the next weekend, and give it another try.

    Playing fantasy golf might enhance your enjoyment of watching real-life fantasy golf, as you get to cheer on particular players during tournaments. Good luck with your fantasy league golf team!

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