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    Looking for a free fantasy league ? We can help you right here at DraftStreet, with free fantasy sports leagues for football, baseball, basketball, and hockey. Yes, you can play the big four popular sports right here, as well as other sports. While we also offer pay games, where you can win cash and prizes, we can also get you signed up with a free fantasy league.

    Playing free fantasy sports is America’s new pastime, thanks in no small part to the popularity of the Internet and high-speed connections, the increased availability of sports statistics, and fans’ better understanding of those statistics. Remember, there used to be a time where people had to use dial-up service to connect to the web, which meant slow, limited connections. There also used to be a time where sports fans couldn’t even grasp advanced statistics like on-base percentage and WHIP numbers. Nowadays, with more sophisticated and savvy fans out there, they are ready for free fantasy sports, whether it be with MLB, the NFL, the NHL, and the NBA. There are also even free leagues for the CFL (Canadian Football League) and the (PGA) Professional Golf Association.

    So what do we offer at DraftStreet when it comes to a free fantasy league? You can find daily or weekly leagues to play for free with all the major sports. Unlike in a lot of fantasy leagues, where you do a draft before the season, and the league goes for the entire season, we offer daily and weekly free fantasy sports leagues that give you the ability to draft a team in the morning, and play later on that day. This increases the interest in playing free fantasy sports – if you draft poorly one day, you literally could do a new draft the next week, or even the next day. That can give you practice at drafting; practice that you could potentially put to use again, especially in a pay fantasy league at DraftStreet.

    So what else is there to know about free fantasy league competition here? There are two main types of drafts that you can see in fantasy sports – a salary cap draft , and a snake draft. With a salary cap draft, you get a set budget, and you bid on various players. What that means is that you have to be careful with your spending – you cannot get carried away with spending your entire budget on one or two players, and then get stuck being unable to buy decent players for the rest of your team. Sleeper picks – also known as unheralded and undervalued players – come into play with fantasy sports salary cap leagues a lot, because they are a way of wringing the most out of your budget.

    The other type of free fantasy league draft is a snake draft. The order of the draft gives the snake draft its name. The draft orders are reversed each round, undulating like a snake. The person to get the first pick in the first round gets the last pick in the second round, the first pick in the third round, last pick in the fourth round, first pick in the fifth round, last pick in the sixth round, and so on and so on. That’s how it works.

    No matter which sports you like, there are free fantasy sports leagues ready for you. Try out a free fantasy league here at DraftStreet, and enjoy yourself!

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