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    How To Come Up With The Best Fantasy Team Names

    Part of the fun of playing fantasy football is coming up with one of the best fantasy football team names. When it comes to choosing good fantasy football team names, there are a lot of things you can look for in finding a name that resonates with you and other members of your league.

    Having a good sense of humor is probably the number one consideration when it comes to picking what could be one of the best fantasy football names. You might want to have a team name that makes people – including yourself – smile and laugh every time you or they hear it. Or you might want to do some trash talk with your name. Or you might just want to have a good play on words with the name. Perhaps you want to show your loyalty to your favorite NFL team, or pick a player to honor – or dishonor. There are many ways of coming up with good fantasy football team names.

    For example, if you are an animal lover, and you don’t like Michael Vick for his participation in a dogfighting ring, you could use a team name like “Pitbull’s Revenge” or “Hide Your Beagle, Vick’s an Eagle” to show your animosity. But if you do like him, and have him on your team, some of the best fantasy football team names you could go would include things like “On The Road To VICKtory!” or “I Got 99 Problems, But a Vick Ain't One.”

    If you want to mock – or weirdly lionize – a player who has a lot of children by different women, a common denominator in some of what some think are the best fantasy football names is to have a team name like Antonio Cromartie’s Kids or Travis Henry’s Kids. (Hey, nobody said that what could be good fantasy football team names are also always in good taste!) And don’t forget how much players who are caught up in scandal end up being the subject of some of what could be the best fantasy football team names, such as “Burrested Development,” “Pac-Man’s Rain,” or another Michael Vick joke, like “Vick’s Dog Pound.”

    There are also names that have nothing to do with a particular team or player, such as “I’m Thinking RBs” or “No Punt Intended.” Speaking of puns, they play a huge role in some of the best fantasy football team names, such as "Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe," “Revis and Butthead,” “When in Romo,” or “All Avant for Christmas.” You may want to include some private joke or reference in your fantasy league. For example, a Bruce Springsteen fan might want to call his team the “Tenth Avenue Freezeouts,” or a Star Wars fan might call his team the “Millennium Falcons.” Some fantasy football players want what they think are best fantasy football team names to reflect their real-life team choices, such as “Master Chiefs” or “Oakland Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

    No matter how you choose to come up with for what could be one of the best fantasy football team names, keep in mind this information – you can always change your team name if your joke goes over like a lead balloon, or if you end up trading the player your team is named for, just come up with a new fantasy football team name!

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