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    How Does a Snake Draft Fantasy Football League Work?

    Snake draft fantasy football is one of the two fantasy football draft types offered at DraftStreet. Don’t worry – snake draft fantasy football has nothing to do with picking garter snakes, king cobras, anacondas, rattlesnakes, or anything else. A snake draft got its name from the way the draft is similar to the way a snake undulates up and down.

    Here’s how it works – your draft order in the first round reverses in the next round, and then reverses again for the next round, and so on and so on. What this does is take away some of the advantages to drafting first, and some of the disadvantages from drafting last. Without a snake draft, the person who gets to draft first in the first round would get to draft first in the second round, third round, and the rest, while the person who drafts last in the first round would draft last in the second, third, fourth, fifth rounds and the rest of the rounds. So a fantasy football draft without a snake draft gives a huge advantage to those who get to draft first, second, or third, and a huge disadvantage to draft last, second to last, and so on.

    Snake draft fantasy football does give a little advantage to the person who drafts first, simply because getting the first pick in the draft is more valuable than getting the eighth or tenth pick. On the other hand, getting the eighth and ninth picks, or the eleventh and twelfth pick is not so terrible, especially when the person with the first pick won’t get to pick again until the twentieth or twenty-fourth pick, depending how many people are in the league.

    Snake draft fantasy football will have different strategies you may need to decide on, depending on your draft order. If you are drafting first, you should figure out who the No. 1 overall consensus pick is among fantasy experts, and draft accordingly. You should also look for players who are expected to be drafted at the bottom of the second round, which is where you will be drafting next, and so on and so on. The same goes for no matter where you are in the draft. There are a variety of fantasy football expertise you can read online, or in magazines, to give you a better idea of not just who to draft, but when.

    With snake draft fantasy football, you should also pay attention to whether there is a great draft pick that your league has somehow overlooked, and let slip in the draft. That means checking to see if any great pick has been overlooked. That’s why it’s recommended that you bring in a cheat sheet for your draft, to make sure that you have a list of great players, sorted by position, and ordered by the best players on the top. Also, with the league, you don’t have to worry about a salary cap budget.

    Good luck with your snake draft fantasy football league!

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