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    All About Fantasy NFL

    DraftStreet is the place to be when it comes to playing fantasy football for money. If you think you are the fantasy football player to beat, you can put your money where your mouth is with our fantasy football money leagues. You will be eligible to play fantasy football for cash and prizes, starting the very same week as your draft. Sweet!

    We also have weekly fantasy football money leagues. But there's a twist to this type of league – you can start a new team in the middle of the season! So if you missed the boat on some sleeper picks in your regular fantasy football league, or your main quarterback is out for the season. No worries. You can start over at DraftStreet, and sign up to play fantasy football leagues for money, and have the chance to win fantasy football prizes that same week.

    DraftStreet offers leagues of all shapes and sizes, so you're sure to find the perfect fantasy football money league for you. Play against your friends in a private league and play for bragging rights or join public money leagues through the draft lobby. You can join a free fantasy football league to gain some experience, and learn the ropes of our fantasy football games. Then, move on up to fantasy football money leagues where buy-ins range from $2 to over $400.

    That's not all when it comes to cash fantasy football games. At DraftSreet, you can increase your chances of winning fantasy football prizes by joining a head-to-head match, or go for the big prize in a Guaranteed Prize Pool fantasy football money league with over 100 players. Ka-ching, ka-ching!

    Don't forget about our fantasy sports money league chat room. You can trash talk your friends, or yak to your fantasy football money leagues' opponents, and have fun doing it. That's not all. When you play fantasy football for money, you can see how you measure up against other fantasy football players on the DraftStreet leaderboard, seeing if you have something to squawk about.

    No matter if you prefer to go for fantasy sports for cash by playing the salary cap draft, or want to check out our live snake-draft fantasy football money league (but don't get bit!), take your pick, and get in on the fantasy sports money league action now. Why not put all your fantasy football knowledge to good use?

    Sign up for fantasy football today and let the fun begin!

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