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    Are you ready for some football -- fantasy college football? Here at DraftStreet, you can join in on a college football fantasy draft each and every week during the fall. During the college football season, you get to pick a fantasy college football team each week, draft players for your team, and potentially be on your way to winning cash and prizes, depending on how well your team does compared to everybody else in your league.

    So how does it work to play fantasy college football? Basically, the games are played similarly to professional fantasy football games involving the NFL – you pick a certain number of college football players in different positions – quarterback, running back, wide receiver, tight end, kicker, defense, and the like – based on how well you think they could do. The more points they get on the field in real-life games, the more points you will get for your team. For example, if you have a kicker who gets three field goals in a game, you will get fantasy college football points for your team. How cool is that?

    And at DraftStreet, you have the opportunity to sign up and win cold hard cash for your team. The better your fantasy team does the better chance you have to win money.

    So how do college fantasy football games work? Generally speaking, you may either have a salary cap draft or a snake draft. With a salary cap draft, you get a budget for your team, and then have to draft your players based on that budget. What that means when it comes to fantasy college football is that if you spend too much on one player, you may not be able to draft a competent team for the rest of your players.

    With a snake draft fantasy draft, the draft snakes around for each round. For example, in a 10-team league, if you draft first in the first round, you drive tenth in the second round, first in the first round, etc. If you draft last in the first round, you would draft first in the second round, last in the third round, etc.

    In order to determine how much a particular player is worth, you might want to take a look at fantasy college football rankings to see where the players are ranked. The better the player, the more they will be worth. With a college football fantasy draft, generally speaking, the top players will be drafted first. So it’s important to know not just who the top picks are, but who the sleeper picks are – the players who may not be at the top of the fantasy college football rankings, but who quietly put up decent numbers. Therefore, you should make sure you know the latest fantasy college football rankings before you join a league and draft your team.

    With fantasy college football at DraftStreet, you have the opportunity to win each and every week. If you do not do well in the college football fantasy draft in one week, no worries; you can get started again at picking a new team the following week. Good luck!

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