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    Filling Out an NCAA College Basketball Bracket

    It’s March Madness time, which means college basketball brackets are a big topic of interest. It’s the time where people – whether college basketball fans or not – get ready to fill out their NCAA college basketball bracket, hoping to win prizes. But, believe it or not, some people may not know what an NCAA college basketball bracket is, or why some fans get caught up in the madness of college basketball brackets at this time of year.

    Here at DraftStreet, you can play fantasy college basketball, and potentially win cash and prizes, by picking college players who are part of the NCAA tournament, and whose teams are in the brackets.

    Speaking of which, here is some information on what an NCAA college basketball bracket is all about:

    First off, when most people talk about the NCAA college basketball bracket, they are commonly referring to Men’s Division 1 college basketball. There is a women’s college basketball bracket, but it is not talked about as much, because the men’s bracket is the one that is the subject of the workplace or personal pools. The bracket consists of the teams who are competing to win the NCAA championship. The teams compete in four different regions, and after a variety of games, get cut down from 68 teams to 64 teams to 32 teams to 16 teams to four teams to one team, and that team is crowned as the NCAA men’s college basketball championship for that winner.

    So how does this translate into brackets? Well, each team fits into one of the college basketball brackets – you may recognize the bracket graphic; it includes spaces for each team scheduled to play to fit in. What this all means is that when the NCAA tournament teams are announced to complete the college basketball bracket on Selection Sunday, people start getting going with filling out their brackets. The brackets break out into four different divisions, and those divisions are generally named based on which city is hosting the tournament. Teams are ranked within each of the division with a ranking number, based on how good each team is. Generally speaking, the better the team, the better chance they have to win in the tournament. And those numbers determine how the teams are matched up – the better teams get to face the worse teams in the single-elimination tournament.

    One way to enjoy college basketball, especially during March madness is to play fantasy college basketball here at DraftStreet.

    So what does it mean to fill out an NCAA college basketball bracket? What it means is that fans determine who they think will win in each round, engaging in what is known as bracketology. The more correct picks in a bracket, the better chance the person has to win their bracket. There are many ways to complete a bracket – some fans only pick the favorites; some fans go for sleeper teams, also known as Cinderella teams, and some do a mix. It helps to know a lot about college basketball, and about individual teams, in order to fill out a bracket – if you watch or pay attention to many of the games, you might have a sense of which teams are hot and which teams are reeling.

    You can also play college fantasy basketball at Draft Street, where you could potentially win cash and prizes. With Draft Street, we offer a salary cap fantasy basketball leagues where you have a budget, pick players within that budget, and could win points (if you play the game for free), or cash and prizes (if you play the pay games.)

    But some fans can get lucky at filling out an NCAA college basketball bracket if they happened to pick an unexpected or Cinderella team, and that team did well. On the other hand, if a perennially great team loses, that is what is known as a bracket-buster, which means that many people picked that team and lost.

    There is both an art and a science to filling out a college basketball bracket. Why not give it a try this year?

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