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    At DraftStreet you can sign up and play fantasy college basketball games for fun, cash or prizes. You can join and play for free or pay an entry fee, and put your college basketball knowledge to work. Here is what you need to know about how college fantasy basketball works.

    Well, college fantasy basketball leagues can be similar to the fantasy basketball teams and leagues involving the National Basketball Association. People playing fantasy college basketball pick players from different college basketball teams, based on how well they think particular players will do.

    Generally speaking, college fantasy basketball leagues are based on NCAA Division 1 men's basketball teams, although there could be fantasy college basketball leagues featuring women's college basketball, as well as fantasy leagues which feature lesser NCAA men's divisions, known as Division 2 and Division 3. Some fantasy teams just include regular season games, while others include the men's college basketball tournament games.

    In fantasy basketball based on college teams, college basketball players' individual stats are counted, which can include things like field goals, three pointers, rebounds, assists, steals, field goal percentage, and free-throw percentage, depending upon which league you are in. The more points you can amass in college fantasy basketball, and the more categories you can win, the better chance you have of winning your fantasy league championship.

    What teams do in real-life doesn't matter all that much in fantasy sports; it matters more what individual players do. And some player can have all the team spirit in the world and be the best character guy or gal, but if they don't score numbers that count for your college fantasy basketball league, they won't do you any good for your team.

    There are several big differences between college fantasy basketball leagues and professional basketball fantasy leagues. If you play in an NBA fantasy basketball league, it is easier, even for novices, to have a basic idea who the great players are, because players like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, and Kevin Durant have been good for a while, and will be good for a while longer. Plus, there are only 30 NBA teams to keep track of, with 12 players on each team. Since fantasy basketball concentrates on the starters and best players, you only have to be aware of around 150-200 players.

    With college fantasy basketball, there are 345 teams in Division 1. And due to the nature of college basketball, the starters change quickly, with the very best players only spending a year or two as a starter before turning professional. So that means that there is huge turnover each year in a fantasy basketball league based on college basketball, and it means that there is a lot more to know about each player out there. It will typically require a bit more research in order to play college fantasy basketball, so keep this in mind if you if you want to sign up and succeed.

    You can play a variety of fantasy college basketball games here at Draft Street. There are free games where you can get your feet wet, or pay games where you could potentially win cash and prizes. Either way, you would pick your team via a salary cap, where you get a set budget, and have to find players who fit into that budget. Playing fantasy college basketball here at DraftStreet can give you a great opportunity not just to have fun, but to win big!

    Good luck!

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