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    Finding Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

    Finding fantasy baseball sleepers can be vital to the success of your team. You may notice with fantasy baseball projections that there is a player who may be projected to have better numbers than other people may expect. That can be a sleeper pick. Basically, the concept behind finding fantasy baseball sleepers is that you find a diamond in the rough; a player that may not be heavily hyped, or ranked as far as being one of the top fantasy baseball players around, but that can help you get great value for your team. Sleeper picks, which typically have low values, are particularly important in a salary cap league, where you have a set budget.

    If you want to get an example of how fantasy baseball sleeper picks work, here are two examples from the 2011 season that illustrate what a sleeper pick. Lance Berkman, once considered to be a top player, appeared to be at the tail end of his career after the 2010 season, and was considered such a risk that he could only get a one-year deal from the St. Louis Cardinals. After losing some weight, working out, and getting his groove back, he ended up having a stellar season and helped the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series, and also finished seventh in the National League Most Valuable Player awards and also made the NL All-Star team. Berkman also was one of the biggest fantasy baseball sleepers in fantasy baseball, since the expectations on him were extremely low. If somebody had picked him up in the late rounds of their fantasy draft, or even gotten him as an undrafted free agent earlier in the year, they would have had an All-Star on their hands.

    Another example of one of the great fantasy baseball sleepers is Seattle Mariners rookie Michael Pineda, who came out of nowhere in 2011 and wound up making it to the All-Star Game in his first season as a starting pitcher. He was not on the radar of fantasy baseball players because he had never pitched in the majors until last year. So anybody who picked him up as a sleeper pick made out well.

    So how do you find fantasy baseball sleepers? Look at fantasy baseball projections and rankings. You may discover that somebody is undervalued on the list, and could make a good fantasy baseball sleeper pick for you. You also may want to check lists for minor league prospects, and pay attention to who might be coming up.

    Another way you can find sleeper picks is by talking to other people – not in your fantasy baseball league, but in other leagues, and on various message boards. Other baseball fans may have an idea of which players they expect big comebacks from, and who is up-and-coming.

    In addition, many fantasy experts may have ideas for fantasy baseball sleepers. Be sure to check a variety of sites, so you have a lot of information to choose from. Also, consider looking at blogs, because they might have some ideas you haven’t thought of.

    So, good luck on finding fantasy baseball sleepers for your team, and getting maximum value out of them.

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