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    Daily Fantasy Baseball Games

    Daily fantasy baseball is a good solution for those who want to play fantasy baseball, but find the 162-game season too much to take. What you do in daily fantasy baseball is come up with a different fantasy baseball team each and every day. Instead of having one draft in March, and ruing some of your draft- day choices for the entire season, the picks you make in a daily fantasy league will pay off – or not – later on that evening.

    We offer a variety of daily fantasy baseball leagues, for free and for pay, at DraftStreet. You can win store credit with the free leagues, and money with the cash leagues. We also have weekly fantasy baseball leagues.

    The advantage of a daily fantasy baseball league is that every day is a new day, and every day is a clean state. Basically, you pick hitters and pitchers who are going to be playing that evening, and if you have a pitcher throw a shutout, or a batter having a three-hit game, you could be on your way to winning the game for the night.

    Daily fantasy baseball requires a different strategy from a weekly or season-long fantasy baseball league. Here are some things to think about:

    • Pitching is important: If you have the choice to pick up Tim Lincecum or A.J. Burnett, which one do you think has a better chance of winning the game? Lincecum, of course. However, if you are constrained by a budget, you could pick a pitcher somewhere in the middle, and spend more money by hitting.
    • Look at the matchups: It may be worth it to pick up a not-so-great pitcher if he matches up well against a particular team. Same goes for an otherwise not-so-great hitter, if he has terrific numbers against a pitcher starting that night.
    • Forget about bench players and part-time players: You don’t want to draft somebody who isn’t going to play that night, or you have wasted a draft spot. The same goes for drafting a closer who pitched the previous three games, and who may be most likely getting the night off.
    • Pay attention to ballparks: There may be a hitter who has huge numbers at Coors Field, but otherwise mediocre numbers elsewhere. Pick him if he’s playing the Colorado Rockies. The same goes with pitchers who excel in a particular ballpark.
    • Look at what happened the night before: If it is the day game after a night game for a catcher you have your eye on, please keep in mind that he very well will not be playing.
    • Go with the hot hand: Pay attention to how a player has been hitting over the previous week or two. If he is slumping, you may want to pass on him until he gets out of the slump. However, if he’s hitting great as of late, take a chance on him. He could keep up the hot streak, to your benefit.

    Good luck with daily fantasy baseball. You may find it to be quite the adrenaline rush, due to all the changes you get to make each and every day.

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