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    Choosing Fantasy Baseball Team Names

    Believe it or not, fantasy baseball team names are a crucial, critical part of playing fantasy baseball. Funny fantasy baseball names for your team can get you and your opponents laughing. On the other hand, if you choose one of the boring fantasy baseball names out there, you may not only be less excited with your team, but your opponents may be bored, too – or they may trash talk you mercilessly.

    Fantasy baseball team names come in all sorts of varieties. There are, of course, funny fantasy baseball names. Some team names do the trash talking for their players. Other names are tributes to the real-life favorite teams of the players, like “The House That Ruth Built” for Yankee Stadium. Some names are directed to baseball in general, such as “Ninth Inning Rally Beer.” Still other names are tributes to the players on the fantasy team.

    Here are some examples. There’s “Honey Nut Ichiros,” for Ichiro Suzuki, ‘”Funky Cold Molina,” for a fantasy baseball player who has one -- or maybe two or three – of the Molina Brothers on his team.

    Some of the fantasy baseball team names out there can be pretty tasteless, like “Cory Lidle Airlines” (Lidle died while piloting a plane.) Or how about “Byrnes When I Peavy,” a name from a few years ago that captured both Eric Byrnes and Jake Peavy in the title, and a pretty rude joke. Some are a little less rude, like the “Bumpin' Utleys,” for Chase Utley, or the “Ellsbury Doughboy,” for Jacoby Ellsbury, or “Latos Intolerant,” for Mat Latos. “Nobody Likes a Jeter” has a pretty pointed message.

    You see, fantasy baseball names can convey a whole array of emotions. Mostly, what they convey are puns. Good puns, bad puns, groan worthy puns are all part of the name of the game – and fantasy baseball names. Having some sort of play of words or pun is a big part of fantasy baseball team names. Like “How the Greinke Stole Christmas” or ‘”A Streetcar Named Cuddyer” – those are particularly groan worthy.

    Now, some fantasy baseball players may name their team after themselves, but unless they can somehow manage to come up with something earth-shatteringly funny or entertaining, that can be very dull. Fantasy baseball team names should have some sort of zest or verve to them, and not just be Bob’s Ballplayers or something.

    If you want to come up with a good fantasy baseball team name, but you are not sure just where to start, take a look at some of the fantasy baseball names used on the DraftStreet site. It could get your creative juices flowing, and get you ready to think up some possibly funny fantasy baseball names for your own team.

    Here’s how to get started – get a pen and paper ready, write down your team’s names, and brainstorm ideas for fantasy baseball team names. The good news is that even if you are not totally happy with whatever name you choose, you can always pick another.

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