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    All About Fantasy MLB

    Do you think you have what it takes to win in fantasy baseball? Wait until you take your turn at bat and see DraftStreet's whole new world of fantasy baseball. You can join and start playing our fantasy baseball money leagues to win cash and prizes. And that's just the beginning.

    At DraftStreet, not only can you sign up for traditional fantasy baseball games, but there are a slew of options where you could get the chance to win fantasy baseball money right away - even on the first night you play. You can sign up and draft a fantasy baseball team for one night, or one week, and have the opportunity to win fantasy baseball money right away, instead of after a whole season. Not only that, you could play fantasy sports for cash and prizes in DraftStreet's fantasy baseball money leagues every day during the season, drafting new teams whenever you like. So instead of getting stuck with some fantasy baseball duds, you can draft fantasy baseball studs any time you feel like it.

    If you are not yet ready to play fantasy baseball leagues for money, you can get your start with DraftStreet's free fantasy baseball leagues to test your mettle. You can also have your friends sign up, and use the DraftStreet chat room to trash talk your friends or your rivals on other fantasy baseball teams. Also, you can track your progress on the fantasy baseball leaderboard.

    Being a fantasy baseball winner for an entire season is great, but 162 games over six months is a long time to wait to be crowned as a fantasy baseball champion. With the fantasy baseball cash leagues at DraftStreet, you can compete today for a chance to be a champion tonight and win cash and prizes this evening. Yes, that's right. You can join up in a fantasy baseball money league in a day during the season, and you have the potential to be a winner that very night!

    No matter what your skill set, there are many exciting fantasy baseball options to choose from at DraftStreet. Play heads-up in 2-player fantasy baseball money leagues, or enter large pools with over 200 players. Buy-ins range from $2 to $215, or you can play free fantasy baseball leagues and earn Street Cred to use in the DraftStreet Store.

    Drafting a fantasy baseball money team is easy with DraftSteet's salary cap style format. Just fill your roster while staying under the budget of $100K. DraftStreet sets the players' salaries based on fantasy production. Or maybe you like live drafts. You can sign up for an instant snake-draft baseball league and draft live against other users. If you like to keep your fantasy baseball games simple, try the Home Run Derby leagues where home runs are the only statistics that count.

    So whether you are looking for fantasy baseball leagues for money – or for fun – DraftStreet is the place to be for fantasy baseball excitement.

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