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DraftStreet free games are a great way for users to try us out and see how much fun our fantasy leagues can be. And even better, by winning in a DraftStreet free game you win Street Credits which can be redeemed in the DraftStreet store for real prizes. Amount of Street Credit for each DraftStreet free game are dependent on level of play and game. We offer multiple DraftStreet free games every day with different durations, levels, prizes and draft styles. Visit our Draft Lobby to see which free games are happening now.

DraftStreet free games include fantasy baseball, hockey, football and basketball. You can play in a Drafstreet free game up to 2 times per day and 5 times per week for each user.

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About DrafStreet
DraftStreet provides a variety of different fantasy games including free and paid leagues. You play directly against other users with a chance to win real money. We think a full season is a long time to wait to see if you can win and one injury or one unlucky break can impact your entire season. We have fantasy leagues of all durations, including daily games. Some of our games require an entry fee and you can win cash, while our DraftStreet free games are free to enter and winners win Street Credit to be redeemed in our Draftsreet Store. We invite people to try out our Drafstreet free games today or jump right into a paid league. Either way, we look forward to having you play fantasy sports with us!

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