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All about fantasy sports

If you love Fantasy Sports, then DraftStreet is for you. DraftStreet takes everything you love about Fantasy Sports and lets you play every night in many leagues including our popular money leagues where you get to play fantasy sports for cash prizes! At DraftStreet, you get to choose your sport, draft style, duration, size, and entry fee. Once you’ve joined a league, you don’t have to worry about finding other users to play against because everyone else can easily join through the same lobby. You'll love our daily fantasy sports!

DraftStreet currently offers fantasy leagues for NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. For each of these sports, you can play in free leagues or our fantasy sports money leagues and either draft your teams through a traditional, snake draft or through the salary cap format. With the salary cap format, you don’t have to wait for others to join the fantasy sports league and you can pick a team in under 5 minutes. With a snake format, you must wait for others to fill up the fantasy league before drafting, but can enter the draft room right away to queue up your players. League sizes range from 2 users to 10 users to guaranteed prize pool leagues, which allow for hundreds of users. The entry fees range from free to $5 to $215. With all of the league variations, there’s something for everyone! Play in a DraftStreet Free Game Today!

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