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Letter from DraftStreet CEO Brian Schwartz

Exciting News for Our Players

As of today, we are very pleased to announce that DraftStreet has been acquired by DraftKings, a fellow leader in daily fantasy sports.  DraftStreet has been an overwhelming success, surpassing all of our expectations when we started the business, and we owe that to you, our loyal players.  We cannot thank you enough for your referrals, feedback and support.  

We have worked closely with the leadership from DraftKings over the past several weeks, and you can definitely expect the same level of quality and care from them that you have always experienced from DraftStreet.  Of course you’ll be able to transfer all existing funds to a new DraftKings account easily (or an existing DraftKings account if you have one), and you’ll be compensated for all the other value you’ve added to your DraftStreet profile as well (StreetCreds and vouchers will be converted, DraftStreet referrals will become DraftKings referrals, future contest entries will be returned, etc.).  

And even better, as a way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty, a new Transfer Bonus will be given for all funds transferred over to DraftKings from our site – 100% for new DraftKings players, and 25% if you're transferring to an existing DraftKings account (in both cases, you will keep your existing bonus instead, if it is larger). Plus, in addition to the 100% bonus you’ll get just for transferring, new DraftKings players will be eligible to receive another 100% matching bonus when you make your first deposit on DraftKings. 

But best of all, now that we’ve combined forces, all players, from both sites, will begin to reap the benefits of bigger games and better prizes, as well as our continued dedication to bringing new innovations and game offerings to the table.  Many of you may be familiar with DraftKings, so you already know both sites have plenty to offer, and we believe that combining all the best features of each will result in a great experience for all our players.
Both DraftStreet and DraftKings have been, and remain, grateful for the support of those fantasy players who have chosen to play on our sites.  We know you may have a number of questions about transferring your account and what happens next, so please CLICK HERE to get the answers you need and to start exploring the opportunities you can now take advantage of on DraftKings – as early as today!

Brian and Jason

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World Cup Preview: Breaking down USA vs Belgium

Making it to the knockout stages for the second straight World Cup is certainly something to be proud of, but now comes the real test as the Stars & Stripes take on the Red Devils.  After a 4-2 thumping by Belgium last year, the US is sure to have its hands full with one of the tourney favorites.


After starting a back four of Beasley/Besler/Cameron/Johnson in the team’s first two games, Jurgen Klinsmann removed Cameron in favor of Omar Gonzalez.  Despite struggling in recent months, Gonzalez formed a devastating center back duo with Besler in qualifying and looks to be in line to start again in this one.  Belgium’s back four has been in flux with only Daniel van Buyten having started each game.  Manchester City Star Vincent Kompany figures to play but is less than 100% and still not a sure thing to go.  Despite all of that the team only allowed goal in three group games, thanks in large part to star goalie Thibault Courtois.  Perhaps one of the only teams in the world who can boast they have a better net minder than the US, Courtois is coming off of a Champions League final with Atletico Madrid.  However, Howard has been man of the match already in the group stage and should be eager to prove he is the best goalie on the pitch.


The US has relied on their midfield play to get through the group stage as Jermaine Jones has been the best two way player on the pitch for the US thus far.  He will have to fight through a broken nose he got last game when he slammed into his teammate Bedoya.  Speaking of Bedoya, look for him to return the starting lineup after Brad Davis got the start out wide last game.  The one man the US will need to step up if they home to move on is Michael Bradley who came into the tournament with a lot of fanfare, but has struggled thus far.  For Belgium, the team has gone between three and five midfielders depending on how they want to attack but they certainly will rely on stars Eden Hazard and Marouane Fellaini if they want to move on to the quarterfinals.  Fellaini put home a goal the last time these two teams met and will be a focal point of the US defense.   They will need Kyle Beckerman to be solid in front of the back four in his defensive midfield role to stop the attack of Hazard and Kevin De Bruyne.


With word that US star Jozy Altidore is fit for the match, coach Klinsmann has an interesting decision after only playing Clint Dempsey up top the last two games.  It is more likely that he goes again with 5 midfielders to start, bringing on Altidore if the team needs a late goal.  Dempsey should be back to full strength after another few days to recover from his broken nose which makes him even more dangerous, and after scoring in their last meeting the Red Devils will not want him to beat them.  For Belgium, the team does not have Christian Benteke who scored two goals against the US last game, so they will have to decide if it is Romelu Lukaku up top or the young Divock Origi who came in and scored against Russia.  Either way, they figure to push the action in the penalty area and make the US defense work.

MLB Park Ratings in Daily Fantasy Baseball

The Coors Field Bump and Citi Field Dump

If you are an avid DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) baseball player, you know that there are some things to look for each day.  Does a player have great stats against a certain pitcher, is a pitcher capable of racking up huge strikeouts, or what is the weather doing in the area.  However, perhaps one of the most important stats actually has nothing to do with an individual player or team, but where they are playing.

The Good: Coors Field

It is no secret that the thin air of Colorado is a great place for hitters and a horrible place for pitchers.  That is even more evident this season as the Rockies are averaging a staggering 6.4 runs a game at home, while just 3.7 on the road.  Opponents are also averaging 5.6 runs per game which is well above nearly every team’s average at home.  No player typifies this more than Troy Tulowitzki who is hitting a ridiculous .475 at home while just .252 on the road.  Of the 37 games in Coors this year at least one of the teams has scored 10+ runs in 14 of them with both teams scoring over 10 in 4 of those games.  On the opposite side of the argument, pitchers have clearly had a rough go of it in Colorado.  None of the Rockies starters have an ERA under 3.50 this year with most of them coming in around 5.00.  Even the solid Zack Greinke was roughed up here as he gave up 11 hits and 3 earned runs in his last start against the Rockies in Colorado.  There are certainly counters to the argument (see Clayton Kershaw’s start on June 8th), however any game played in Colorado could be worth a team hitting stack while avoiding any and all pitchers. Honorable Mention: Texas, Minnesota, Saint Louis

The Bad: Citi Field

When most people think of hitter’s parks, their first thought goes to Petco Park in San Diego.  Petco is currently home to the team that ranks last in average, runs and slugging percentage in all of baseball, but not all of that is due to the field itself.  Along with the park, a combination of poor hitting and great pitching within the division can be a big reason why Petco on average sees scores of 3.1 for the home team and 3.3 for the away team.  Despite all of this, Citi Field actually ranks lowest in baseball in park factor which looks at home at bats versus away at bats to determine which field truly is toughest on hitters.   Much like Petco, the Mets ballpark on average sees scores of 3.1 for New York to 3.5 for their opponents.  This has killed the daily value of players like David Wright who has hits in 7 straight games, but was just 1/20 in the Mets last home stand.  The Mets, like the Padres, will not be confused with the ’27 Yankees, but they are scoring 4.6 runs per game on the road which is a clear sign that their home field does not provide much of an advantage. The positive here is certainly the pitching where middle of the road starts Daisuke Matsuzaka, Bartolo Colon, Zack Wheeler, Jacob deGrom and Jon Niese all sport ERA’s under 4.00 with two of them under 3.00.   Honorable Mention: San Diego, Baltimore, Milwaukee

After looking at these stats it is clear they need to be taken into consideration when building your DFS teams.  Just like any stat there is not one stat you should rely on every night or every game, but if you are stuck between two players you could do worse than looking at ballpark factors to make your final decision.

Top 10 Goals of the World Cup Group Play in GIFs

On pace to be the highest scoring World Cup of all time, the Group Play stage has been full of back and forth scoring affairs and late game winners. More scoring means more fantasy points, so draft your Fantasy Soccer Team HERE and qualify for the $100,000 Fantasy World Big Score for $2.

Needless to say, there have been some real gems among this plethora of goals. So let's take a look at the top 10 goals from the World Cup so far.

10. Oscar Duarte's Header vs. Uruguay

Sure, he may have been offsides when the kick was being taken. Whatever. Shut up. The dude muscled his way into the box, took a kick to the face, and put a diving header right inside the far post. This is as impressive a goal as they come. Really just a tenacious play by CRC's Oscar Duarte.

1-Day Fantasy World Cup Contest Sets Record

$100,000 Guaranteed World Cup Contest is the largest 1-Day Fantasy Soccer Tournament Ever.

The 2014 World Cup has been filled with upsets, incredible goals and the USA finally making it to the elimination round! What most people don't know, is that every day of World Cup 2014, there has been thousands of dollars won playing daily fantasy soccer

People all across the US and Canada have been drafting 8 man World Cup teams and competing against each other for huge cash prizes. This Thursday June 26th is the largest Fantasy Soccer Tournament ever, an astonishing $100,000 in cash prizes.


1-Day Fantasy World Cup Contest Sets Record

$100,000 Guaranteed World Cup Contest is the largest 1-Day Fantasy Soccer Tournament Ever.

The 2014 World Cup has been filled with upsets, incredible goals and the USA finally making it to the elimination round! What most people don't know, is that every day of World Cup 2014, there has been thousands of dollars won playing daily fantasy soccer

People all across the US and Canada have been drafting 8 man World Cup teams and competing against each other for huge cash prizes. This Thursday June 26th, you can pick your 8 man team and compete for a record $100,000 in cash prizes.


Hot Streaks in the MLB: Who's trending and who's fading? (June 17th)

Victory and defeat, winning and losing, they all seem like simple concepts.  The winner in a competition is the person or team that finishes first, everyone else is the loser.  Having played fantasy sports, we know that is not really the case. If you finish 14th in a 30-man double up league, you win just as much money as they team in first place.  In that same league, if the team that finished first had a huge score, and did not enter any other contests, that person might well consider the “win” a defeat since there was the potential for a huge payout that night.  More...
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