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Turning DraftStreet Into Easy Street

Even though you may not support all the ideas, I think most would agree that it's been interesting to read all the different strategies that people are blogging/chatting about with regard to being successful on DraftStreet. That's just a small part of what makes the game so exciting right up until the last out - each and every night. Now that everyone else has had their turn, it's time for me to reveal the true secret to success on DraftStreet - which amazingly only a few have figured out so far.

The most difficult part of DraftStreet is not the process of selecting a competitive team and beating your competition (don't worry though, I'll give you tips on that as well later in this article). Most everyone playing daily fantasy games knows their stuff, but even the most knowledgeable and savvy players can run cold every now and then. The hardest part is dipping back into your funds and pressing that "confirm deposit" button.

What's crazy is that I get the feeling most people don't even realize that it's relatively easy for you to play for cash and win money without ever having to deposit. The recruiting program is among the best I've seen and this day in age recruiting such a simple thing to do. For example, the person who recruited me makes anywhere from $500-$700 a month off of JUST ME imagine recruiting someone that plays at least twice as much as me (ex: Fredotz, Hixville), or even a handful of people that play half as much. It's the equivalent of MGM saying "Hey, bring your friends to our casinos and we'll give you a stack of our money to play withor take home if you want".

Some recruiting methods that have worked for me beyond just inviting my closest friends:

  1. Reaching out to people with similar interests on Facebook/Twitter
  2. Inviting people from my season long fantasy leagues
  3. Chatting people up at sporting events/bars and showing them DS on my phone
  4. Asking acquaintances if they know anyone that has a blog or sports media outlet and would be interested in promoting DS
  5. Pestering all my friends until they stop being lazy and finally sign up for something I know they will enjoy

The ideas are really endless and if you're interested in promoting DS and really going after recruits, I'm sure the DraftStreet team would be willing to help, because the truth isthey don't want you to ever have to deposit either! Why do you think all the deposit codes are first/one time use only? If you recruit, everybody wins. You're making money, DraftStreet is growing and there are more people for me to beat every day.

Alright, since many of you came here hoping for some actual tips on how to beat the big guys in the daily baseball leagues, here are some line-ups/strategies that have worked in the past.

  1. Taking players with fun names (Starlin Castro, Troy Tulowitzki, Albert Pujols, you're in - Bobby Ryan, Seth Smith, Daniel/David Murphy get outta here). Don't be trapped by long/annoying names trying to masquerade as fun ones (nice try Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Yorvit Torrealba - I'm onto you.)
  2. Try to balance your team based on game start times. Taking too many players in early games is sure to leave you disappointed when you go to bed in first place and wake up to find the Dodgers and Dbacks put up 15 runs to knock you out of the money.
  3. Take as many Gonzalez's and Rodriguez's as possible.
  4. When debating between two players, ALWAYS ask the chat room for help - your competition is usually the best place to go for sound advice.
  5. 5. Take a full team of players Alyssa Milano has probably slept with. This one hasn't worked out for me yet, but there's a large player pool to choose from so I'll keep trying it until I find the right combination.

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