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The Talented Mr. Roto Snake Draft Recap

In case any of you missed it, Matthew Berry was kind enough to participate in a 6-man snake draft with the top 5 finishers of his most recent freeroll. Below are the draft results, as well as the chat log. You can check out the league scoreboard by clicking here.

Draft Results:

MatthewBerryTMR11Felix HernandezSP
Kaetorade12Gio GonzalezSP
deadlysevens13Yu DarvishSP
Paul07ss14Erik BedardSP
jojoarev15Matt GarzaSP
gt.sundown16Chris CapuanoSP
gt.sundown21Josh HamiltonCF
jojoarev22Gavin FloydSP
Paul07ss23Johan SantanaSP
deadlysevens24Carlos GonzalezLF
Kaetorade25Madison BumgarnerSP
MatthewBerryTMR26Miguel Cabrera3B
MatthewBerryTMR31Randy WolfSP
Kaetorade32Bud NorrisSP
deadlysevens33Jaime GarciaSP
Paul07ss34Carlos BeltranRF
jojoarev35David Wright3B
gt.sundown36Felipe PaulinoSP
gt.sundown41Jeremy HellicksonSP
jojoarev42Ryan BraunLF
Paul07ss43Rick PorcelloSP
deadlysevens44Allen Craig1B
Kaetorade45Ian Kinsler2B
MatthewBerryTMR46Dustin Pedroia2B
MatthewBerryTMR51David OrtizDH
Kaetorade52Adrian Beltre3B
deadlysevens53Elvis AndrusSS
Paul07ss54Wilin RosarioC
jojoarev55Robinson Cano2B
gt.sundown56Joey Votto1B
gt.sundown61Rafael FurcalSS
jojoarev62Adrian Gonzalez1B
Paul07ss63Bryan LaHair1B
deadlysevens64Austin JacksonCF
Kaetorade65Prince Fielder1B
MatthewBerryTMR66Adam JonesCF
MatthewBerryTMR71Josh ReddickRF
Kaetorade72Troy TulowitzkiSS
deadlysevens73Hanley Ramirez3B
Paul07ss74Will Middlebrooks3B
jojoarev75Nelson CruzRF
gt.sundown76Gregor BlancoCF
gt.sundown81Chad Tracy3B
jojoarev82Jose BautistaRF
Paul07ss83J.J. HardySS
deadlysevens84Adam DunnDH
Kaetorade85Starlin CastroSS
MatthewBerryTMR86Ubaldo JimenezSP
MatthewBerryTMR91Matt WietersC
Kaetorade92Mike NapoliC
deadlysevens93Kelly Johnson2B
Paul07ss94Giancarlo StantonRF
jojoarev95Edwin Encarnacion3B
gt.sundown96Michael CuddyerRF
gt.sundown101Raul IbanezLF
jojoarev102Ryan DoumitC
Paul07ss103Matt HollidayLF
deadlysevens104B.J. UptonCF
Kaetorade105Justin UptonRF
MatthewBerryTMR106Jose ReyesSS
MatthewBerryTMR111Freddie Freeman1B
Kaetorade112Andre EthierRF
deadlysevens113Clayton RichardSP
Paul07ss114Daniel Murphy2B
jojoarev115Mike AvilesSS
gt.sundown116Ben ZobristRF
gt.sundown121Omar Infante2B
jojoarev122Mark BuehrleSP
Paul07ss123Curtis GrandersonCF
deadlysevens124Carlos RuizC
Kaetorade125Aaron Hill2B
MatthewBerryTMR126Hunter PenceRF
MatthewBerryTMR131Andrew McCutchenCF
Kaetorade132Melky CabreraLF
deadlysevens133Paul Konerko1B
Paul07ss134Chris Johnson3B
jojoarev135Tony CampanaCF
gt.sundown136Brian McCannC
gt.sundown141Craig KimbrelRP
jojoarev142Emilio BonifacioLF
Paul07ss143Jason MotteRP
deadlysevens144Jim JohnsonRP
Kaetorade145Alejandro De AzaCF
MatthewBerryTMR146Kenley JansenRP
MatthewBerryTMR151Mike TroutCF
Kaetorade152Jonathan PapelbonRP
deadlysevens153Hiroki KurodaSP
Paul07ss154Andy DirksLF
jojoarev155Rafael SorianoRP
gt.sundown156Daniel NavaLF
gt.sundown161Jerome WilliamsSP
jojoarev162Yadier MolinaC
Paul07ss163Nick MarkakisRF
deadlysevens164Jason HeywardRF
Kaetorade165Josh WillinghamLF
MatthewBerryTMR166Tommy MiloneSP

Chat Log:

Kaetoradei'm pretty excited about this draft
Kaetoradehello TMR. just wanted to say i'm super excited that you're here. i'm a huge fan.
MatthewBerryTMRThanks Kaet... Appreciate that
MatthewBerryTMRI've never done a daily snake draft before - this is fun
Kaetoradei'm relatively new to baseball, so take it ez
jojoarevI've never done a snake either
Kaetoradeif u dont mind, i have a question. do you ever feel conflicted about expressing opinions because they may be received poorly?
Paul07ssmy first too lol
MatthewBerryTMRCool - we're all in this together.
deadlysevensyou must not listen to his podcasts lol
Kaetoradehaha. i do, esp during football season
MatthewBerryTMRHang on
MatthewBerryTMRKaet - I'd be lying if I said it didn't enter into my mind occasionally but I try to just give my opinions regardless of how they will be recieved. Vick #1 was a perfect example.I knew it's be con
MatthewBerryTMRbut that was what I felt
MatthewBerryTMRthx for listening and downloading, Sevens!
deadlysevensgets me through my work day
MatthewBerryTMRRandy Wolf!My first reach.But he owns Hou
Kaetoradehopefully, not today!
Kaetoradetmr, are you elgible to win a prize too? or is it just us?
MatthewBerryTMRYes.And I'm gonna make it rain!
MatthewBerryTMRThe kids still say that, right?
Paul07sssmall kids
Kaetoradeidk. i'm getting long in the tooth too
MatthewBerryTMRPerfect.That's my audience
MatthewBerryTMRArggh.Wanted Craig
deadlysevensI picked him up when the season started and had him sit on my DL spot.. definately has paid off since his return.. picking up the slack for kemp
Kaetoradesince getting into daily fant spots, i've lost my desire for season leagues. anyone else feel similar?
Paul07ssme too
Paul07ssim hooked lol
deadlysevensive bene in this season league for a while now.. same group of 12
MatthewBerryTMRDraft Street loves you, Kaet
Kaetoradethats nice
MatthewBerryTMRAnd you too Paul
Kaetoradei'm serious though. its just a diff aspect
Kaetoradei dont know a whole lot of ppl. so in order to satisfy my craving, i used to join a bunch of paid leagues at cbs(they take 50%rake) and there would always be shady trades
Kaetoradethat i had absolutely no control over. it drove me nuts
deadlysevensyea ive been in the same league with these guys since we were in HS
Paul07ssya kaet i had doin paid leagues n after the draft there are huge 10 man trades for liek a week
deadlysevensjust started this year to do a keepe rleague should be interesting
Kaetoradei wantd jones and ortiz
deadlysevensortiz kills helleckson
Kaetoradei know
Kaetoradei still cant believe the year he's having
Kaetoradeit wasnt long ago when all the chatter was how washed up he was
Kaetoradewasnt that 2 years ago?
Paul07ssnow its on pujols
Paul07ssyeah 2 yrs
Kaetoradeyeah, but he's still relatively young
Kaetoradehe'll be fine
Paul07sspujols is 38
deadlysevensortiz was halfing completely different halves it was either couldnt hit anything or hit everything
Kaetoradego rangers!
MatthewBerryTMRUbaldo... either a great pick vs SEA - or will ensure I finish last.
Kaetoradethe latter works for me
Paul07ssme too
jojoarevMy dad used to play in your fat dog league Matthew, I think he drafted for you one year a long time ago
jojoarevyeah, I emailed you a couple years ago
MatthewBerryTMRoh yeah.I sent that around to the league.I think your Dad still owes money or something...
jojoarevwouldn't doubt it
MatthewBerryTMREveryone was like "Yeah, I remember that guy. He still owes money."
MatthewBerryTMRYeah, they weren't pleased about that.Still - small world. Hilarious.
jojoarevi'll let him know
Kaetoradewhat are your thoughts on dfs vs traditional leagues?
MatthewBerryTMRi like both.My basic take - fantasy is supposed to be fun.If it's fun, I am in.Daily leagues are fun.
gt.sundowndang it for some reason i thought the draft was later
Kaetoradedo you think it'll ever get mainstream?
Kaetoradeaww, sorry about that gt.sundown
Kaetoradethat suxs
MatthewBerryTMRYes, I do think it'll get mainstream.And watch gt - you'll probably win
Paul07ssGL guys
Kaetoradegl to u too
MatthewBerryTMRThanks guys - was fun
Kaetoradei appreciate the chance to draft with u guys
jojoarevwas fun, I'll get my dad to pay that money
MatthewBerryTMRTake care
Kaetoradegood luck again to everyone.
jojoarevgl all

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