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NBA 2012 Playoff Gems

Jeff Teague (Hawks) -- 2012 Playoff Averages: 18.7 ppg. 3.7 apg. 5 rpg.

Not really much a surprise anymore, but Teague is a valuable pick if still on the board after picking your stars. Teague has been the true motor for the Atlanta offense, scoring a combined total of 56 points and 11 assists in his first three playoff games of the series. He's been more aggressive in Atlanta's last two games against Boston and should be able to give your some good numbers as a mid-to-late draft pick.

Mario Chalmers (Heat) -- 2012 Playoff Averages: 14 ppg. 5 apg., 2 spg.

Chalmers went 5-8 from beyond the arc during Game 3 against the Knicks. Both Wade and LeBron are finding him around the perimeter and giving him the open shots he can knock down. The speedy guard is also averaging a solid amount of assists while giving you a few steals.

Kawhi Leonard (Spurs) -- 2012 Playoff Averages: 11.5 ppg. 2.5 rpg., 2 spg.

The Spurs are having their way against the Utah Jazz in the first round. San Antonio's rookie, Leonard only had six points during Game 1, but busted out in Game 2 with 17 points, 2 steals and 3 rebounds. Leonard is due for one or two more strong outings before heading into the second round. The lengthy swingman has been able to find his shots when matched up against Gordan Hayward and Josh Howard.

Spencer Hawes (76ers) -- 2012 Playoff Averages: 9.3 ppg. 5.3 rpg., 1.3 apg.

Hawes isn't a reliable draft pick when looking for a center, but should be able to pick up his numbers if the Bulls are without for Joakim Noah for Game 4. Hawes was the leading force for the Sixers' front court during Game 3, scoring 21 points and 9 rebounds. Philadelphia's Coach Collins will surely give Hawes his earned minutes for the following game, after proving he can hurt Chicago's front court in his most recent game.

O.J. Mayo (Grizzlies) -- 2012 Playoff Averages: 18.5 ppg. 2.0 rpg., 1.5 apg.

Mayo caught fire during Game 2 against the Clippers, finishing 20 points and 4 rebounds in the Grizzlies' recent win. Look for Mayo to have some more opportunities on the floor as the team heads to Memphis for their next two games. But the Grizzlies' talented sixth man can also sometimes be a risky draft pick because of his streakiness as a shooter.

Richard Hamilton (Bulls) -- 2012 Playoff Averages: 15.3 ppg. 5.3 apg. 3 rpg.

Hamilton has been able to score the basketball extremely well for Chicago in this series. When he's not knocking down his shots, he's easily finding away to the free throw line against the young Sixer defenders. Hamlton went 8-12 from the free throw line in Game 3 and should be able find some more shots throughout this grueling series against Philadelphia.

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