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Jonathan Broxton: Keep Him or Dump Him?

Do you have Kansas City Royals closer Jonathan Broxton on your fantasy baseball 2012 team? You might be considering dumping him as your fantasy baseball closer, after he had one of the all-time worst pitching performances in recent baseball history. After all, not once but twice, trying to save a game for the Royals, he hit a batter with the bases loaded, letting in runs, something that literally hasn't happened in decades. Jonathan Broxton did this on two consecutive pitches, too. He also walked two batters in that inning. The Royals lost that extra-inning game to the Oakland Athletics thanks to Broxton. This is not exactly what you want in a fantasy baseball closer.

Jonathan Broxton was not even supposed to be the Kansas City closer in the first place - he came from the Los Angeles Dodgers to be a setup man for Joakim Soria. However, after Soria suffered a season- ending elbow injury in March, Broxton went from being a possible seventh or eighth inning pitcher to being the Royals' closer.

Kansas City is still keeping Broxton as their closer - for now, at least. Royals manager Ned Yost says he has confidence in Jonathan Broxton because he iss a two-time All-Star, and because he has "rebounded" from arm surgery.

However, should you continue to have confidence in him for fantasy baseball 2012? Probably not. Remember, Yost has several good young options to replace Jonathan Broxton with in Aaron Crow and Greg Holland. Broxton may not be getting the heave-ho now, but he could be in the future, which means that you will have a fantasy baseball closer who doesn't actually close!

Even if Jonathan Broxton does not get replaced, though, keep in mind that he is not the lights-out closer that he used to be, which is why he was not supposed to be a closer any more in the first place. So when it comes to fantasy baseball 2012, you might want to give up on Jonathan Broxton. Come to think of it, you might want to keep your eye on Crow and Holland, in case either of them gets promoted to closer over Broxton.

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