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Jacoby Ellsbury Injured Again: What to Do for Fantasy Baseball 2012

Jacoby Ellsbury is one of the top players for the Boston Red Sox, who had arguably an MVP-caliber season for Boston last year. He was also a top ten pick for fantasy baseball 2012, thanks to his ability to get fantasy baseball points in five categories because he hits for average, hits for power, gets on base a lot, steals bases, and scores runs.

What's not to like about Jacoby Ellsbury? Well, here's what we wrote about Jacoby Ellsbury earlier this year: "So, why would you not pick Jacoby Ellsbury for your fantasy baseball 2012 team? Because of fear of injury." Repeated injuries are why he was considered to be a disappointment in baseball until 2011. We also cautioned not to draft him too soon, because it could cost you if he got hurt.

So here's what happened on the Boston Red Sox's home opener - Jacoby Ellsbury injured his right shoulder trying to break up a double play, suffering either a partial or complete dislocation of his shoulder. This is one of the biggest fantasy baseball injuries of the year so far, especially given how high he was drafted in many season-long fantasy leagues.

Jacoby Ellsbury is expected to be out a minimum of six to eight weeks, but it possible it could be even longer. While fantasy baseball injuries are a fact of life, it also means that you have some things to think about if you drafted Jacoby Ellsbury for your fantasy baseball 2012 league.

Needless to say, if you have Jacoby Ellsbury in a weekly fantasy league, you need to dump him. However, what if you have him in a season-long fantasy baseball league? Your decisions are a little tougher them. In many fantasy leagues, you can only put one player on your disabled list. So should you designate Jacoby Ellsbury for that spot, or dump him?

You should put Jacoby Ellsbury on your DL, unless news comes that his injury may take longer to heal. This is why we cautioned about drafting him high in the first place; because he is such an injury-prone player. If you still went ahead and drafted him, you might as well keep him if you have him on a season- long team, because if and when he ever returns this year, he can still get you points in five categories. However, in the future, proceed with caution about picking Jacoby Ellsbury for fantasy baseball 2012.

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