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Is Tiger Woods Still One of the Great Fantasy Golf Picks?

Tiger Woods used to be the biggest name in fantasy golf. Then he had his little Thanksgiving brouhaha with his wife, and his career has never been the same. Since then Tiger Woods has stopped winning and been beset by injuries, not to mention being publicly humiliated by very damaging allegations during his divorce.

So is Tiger Woods still one of the fantasy golf picks in 2012? Yes, but he is no longer a Number One pick, or even a Top Five pick in fantasy golf.

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Tiger Woods is still a Top Ten fantasy golf player in many fantasy golf rankings, which seems high, given how little impact he has made in the golf world over the past two years. However, Tiger Woods is still one of the fantasy golf picks people pay attention to because he's still Tiger Woods, after all. While he has aged, the hope is that he is going to turn it around in 2012. He still has so much talent, that it seems like he is just a tournament win away from getting his groove back.

Of course, Tiger Woods is 36, so he could have his best days behind him. That's why choosing him as one of your fantasy golf picks could potentially be risky. He could get injured, or he could just be terrible. So it is not a sure thing in fantasy golf. So, draft Tiger Woods, but don't expect the Tiger Woods of ten years ago.

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