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Is Tampa Pitcher Matt Moore Worth Drafting in Fantasy Baseball 2012?

The Tampa Bay Rays may be loaded with good young pitching talent, but that doesn't mean there's not room for Matt Moore on their team. For fantasy baseball 2012, please keep Matt Moore in mind as one of your fantasy baseball sleepers, because at press time, Moore was expected to make the Rays' starting rotation.

So what can you expect from Matt Moore in fantasy baseball 2012? Well, he was a September call up last year who, in his third start, impressed the New York Yankees - and the Rays - by pitching five scoreless innings against the Yankees, and striking out an incredible 11 of 15 batters he faced.

If Matt Moore does indeed make the rotation, as he is expected to, he has his work cut out for him. After all, the American League East is arguably the top division in baseball, and the Rays have to face powerhouses like the Boston Red Sox and the Yankees 19 times this year. However, if Matt Moore can indeed succeed against the competition, he could make a name for himself for American League Rookie of the Year, thanks in no small part due to a higher profile from facing the big guns in baseball.

Moore's teammate David Price has made a name for himself in recent years for being the phenom who faced the big guns on the Yankees and Red Sox - and lived to tell the tale.

Needless to say, Matt Moore should not be one of your top fantasy round picks, but he is worth looking into for bolstering your fantasy baseball 2012 pitching. He could have the potential of being one of the good fantasy baseball sleepers out there. Of course, also keep in mind that Matt Moore, like most other young pitchers, will be facing an innings limit in 2012, so act accordingly.

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