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Is Andy Pettitte Worth the Risk in Fantasy Baseball 2012?

New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte recently came back from a one-year retirement. So how will he perform in fantasy baseball 2012? Is he one of the fantasy baseball pitchers worth picking up? It is hard to say. If you are in a fantasy baseball league at DraftStreet, where you can pay for cash and prizes on a daily or weekly basis, you might want to consider picking up Andy Pettitte for big games - he has been known as a clutch pitcher not just in the playoffs, but against teams like the Boston Red Sox and the New York Mets.

However, if you are in a season-long league, Andy Pettitte may not be worth picking up for fantasy baseball 2012. First of all, Pettitte will most likely not be ready until May, since he just came back to baseball. Second, you cannot forget that Andy Pettitte is going to be 40 years old this summer. In addition, in 2010, he pitched very well, but missed two months for a groin injury, an injury he may have more quickly overcome if he were young. He is also one of the oldest fantasy baseball pitchers around, and that makes him even more injury-prone two years later.

So should you pick up Andy Pettitte as one of your fantasy baseball pitchers for 2012? He is a sentimental favorite and a borderline Hall of Famer, but is he going to be worth picking up for fantasy baseball 2012? As previously noted, he is a very risky pick for the entire season due to injury. However, if you play in DraftStreet or another short-term fantasy baseball league, then it might be worth taking a flyer on Andy Pettitte, just for a start or two.

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