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How to Prepare for Your Fantasy Baseball Draft

It's fantasy baseball draft time. So how can you get ready for your draft? Here are some fantasy baseball draft tips that can help you, in our fantasy baseball draft guide.

We here at DraftStreet offer daily and weekly fantasy baseball games for cash and prizes, so you can play fantasy baseball in style, and potentially win money for your knowledge. Here are some fantasy baseball draft guide tips not just to play in DraftStreet, but in any fantasy baseball league.

First of all, to get ready for your fantasy baseball draft, take a deep breath. You know more than you think; you just need to make sure you bring what you know to the fantasy baseball draft, and don't forget it due to nerves.

Second, one of the most important fantasy baseball draft tips is to read fantasy baseball news. You need to be aware of what is going on in fantasy sports. For example, several MLB pitchers have gotten arrested for drunk driving this spring. If they end of going to rehab, or face legal trouble, picking them could be risky. The same goes if there are players nursing injury, and you draft them anyway. So pay attention to what is going on.

Another one of the fantasy baseball draft tips is to read fantasy baseball advice. There are a lot of fantasy baseball draft experts out there, and it may be well worth reading what they have to say. Not only do you need to know their advice, but you want to be able to know what other people are reading and thinking about the fantasy baseball draft, so you can act accordingly.

Pay attention to fantasy baseball rankings so you know where players are ranked - not just overall, but by their position. This is one of the most important fantasy baseball draft tips.

Then there's the fantasy baseball cheat sheet. What that means is it is a list of the top players by position that you can take into your draft. You can get one of the many cheat sheets by experts, or come up with one of your own cheat sheet.

Finally, get a good night's sleep before your fantasy baseball draft. Make sure you have all the paperwork you need for the draft, and be prepared for a long day. And the most important tip in this fantasy baseball draft guide - have fun!

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