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Fantasy Basketball: Jeremy Lin Basketball Numbers: A Good Sleeper Pick?

It's Lin-sanity. New York Knicks player Jeremy Lin has been getting a lot of attention as of late, and he could potentially be one of the top fantasy basketball sleepers out there. Up until recently, the Jeremy Lin basketball career has been more noteworthy for the player being Asian-American, and for him having attended Harvard University, than for him being a great basketball player.

However, due to injuries on the Knicks team, Lin has gotten to start for the Knicks recently after being picked up off waivers at the end of December. Jeremy Lin wasn't exactly a highly-touted star; he's currently sleeping on his brother's couch while playing in New York, which is hardly the norm for NBA stars.

The faltering Knicks recently started playing Jeremy Lin, and he led them to three wins so far. In the Jeremy Lin basketball career so far with New York, he has averaged 25.3 points, with 8.3 assists. The fact that Lin and the Knicks are winning is even more remarkable when you see that they are without both Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire - Anthony due to injury, and Stoudemire due to a death in the family.

The Jeremy Lin basketball career with the Knicks pretty much is the definition of a fantasy basketball sleeper. In New York, Jeremy Lin has been causing Lin-sanity among fans, and even among the normally jaded media, due to his unique story. Who knows how long this point guard will be doing so well - or getting to start? However, Jeremy Lin could very much be worth picking up as one of the fantasy basketball sleepers for your team, because the Knicks might want to stay with the hot hand if he keeps on doing what he has been doing.

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