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Emilio Bonifacio: Is He a Good Fantasy Baseball 2012 Bench Pick?

Emilio Bonifacio is not one of the big names for fantasy baseball 2012, but he could be worth picking up as one of your 2012 fantasy baseball sleepers. So why would people pick up the Florida Marlins player? It is because Emilio Bonifacio is eligible in several positions in most fantasy leagues: third baseman, shortstop, and outfielder (left field, center field, and right field).

Keep in mind that while Emilio Bonifacio is not a superstar player, he does steal a good number of bases, and he can have a good batting average and on-base percentage. In 2011, Bonifacio hit .296, with a .360 batting average, and he stole 40 bases. Because he is a versatile player, he can be in your fantasy lineup as an outfielder, shortstop, and third baseman. So if you have another player who is injured for a few days, you can pop in Emilio Bonifacio in your lineup, and expect some hits, and some stolen bases in your lineup. He can be a supersub for your fantasy baseball 2012, putting him in whenever you need to in your lineup.

Sure, it is important to have great players on your fantasy team - your Miguel Cabreras and Albert Pujolses and CC Sabathias and Justin Verlanders. However, it is also important to have versatile players on your team, who can fill a variety of rolls. Emilio Bonifacio can be one of the 2012 fantasy baseball sleepers because he can fill such a good role in taking on a variety of positions.

For fantasy baseball 2012, you do not need to have a team of versatile players like Emilio Bonifacio, but having at least one of your 2012 fantasy baseball sleepers being somebody who can get you good numbers at a variety of positions could help the overall balance of your team. So you might want to consider Bonifacio, or somebody like him, for your team.

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