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David Wright: Will the Citi Field Fence Move Make a Difference?

New York Met David Wright is only one of two marquee third basemen in New York City -- New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez is the other one. But how do the David Wright fantasy numbers look for 2012? Wright is a top 50 pick, and a top five third baseman, something he has surpassed his counterpart in the Bronx on.

There are a lot of negative issues David Wright has had to deal with as of late, from his team being caught up in the Bernard Madoff scandal, to his team's principal owner, Fred Wilpon insinuating in a magazine interview that Wright was not a superstar, to Wright being injured for much of last season, to David Wright having to put up with Wilpon's son, Jeff, making "Underdog" t-shirts for the team. Wright thought those shirts were a bad idea, and it's hard not to disagree with him.

However, there is something really, really good that has happened to David Wright and the rest of his New York Mets teammates for the 2012. No, it's not the Wilpons selling the team. It is that the Wilpons finally agreed, after three years of declining power numbers team-wide, to move in the Citi Field fences. The ballpark has been where Mets fly balls go to die, ever since it opened in 2009. (Critics carp that the opposition have been able to handle hitting it out of the ballpark just fine, though.)

So the David Wright fantasy numbers have taken a big hit since Shea Stadium closed. He used to consistently hit 30+ homers a year, but he has only hit over 20 home runs once in the three years since. While he may have better numbers than his counterpart in the Bronx, that's because A-Rod is not what he once was at age 36. Neither is David Wright, and he is only 29.

Despite Wright missing over 50 games in 2011, and hitting just .254, with 14 homers and 61 runs batted in, he is still a Top 50 fantasy baseball pick, and a top five pick at third base. Why is that? It might have something to do with the assumption that the David Wright fantasy numbers will pick up with the fences in his home ball park being moved in. No longer will Wright have to deal with watching what would have been home runs at Citi Field land like dying quails in outfielders' gloves at Citi Field.

So despite all the turmoil going on around the Mets, and the absence of fellow homegrown star Jose Reyes, expect David Wright to do great things in 2012. If he doesn't, it will get late early out there, as Yogi Berra used to say, for Mets fans.

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