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Chipper Jones: Worth the Injury Risk?

Chipper Jones recently missed the Atlanta Braves' home opener due to an ailing knee. This was the latest in fantasy baseball injuries for the third baseman/outfielder. Sadly, Chipper Jones could not play in his final home Opening Day - he announced this spring that 2012 would be his last season.

So when it comes to fantasy baseball 2012, is Chipper Jones worth the injury risk? Probably not. He was barely a top 20 third baseman draft pick for fantasy baseball 2012. Granted, Chipper Jones has had a terrific career, and some have argued that he should be in MLB's Hall of Fame -- but injuries have prevented him from being even greater. In the 1990s, he used to consistently hit over .300, slug over 30 home runs a year, and drive in at least a hundred runs a year.

Since his prime, Chipper Jones has been beset by a variety of injuries. He hasn't hit 30 homers or more since 2004 and has not driven in over 100 runs since 2007. He hasn't hit over .300 since 2008, when he did hit .364. He has missed significant time due to fantasy baseball injuries over the past decade.

So, if you have Chipper Jones in fantasy baseball 2012, do not expect very much out of him. Even when he is technically not on the disabled list, he could still end up missing days here and there due to injuries. If you are an Atlanta Braves fan, you can cheer Chipper Jones in his final season, but just do not expect him to do much for your fantasy team. He is simply not the player he used to be.

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